Do you need to rent parking?

Try one of these services:


ParqEx’s marketplace enables non-commercial parking owners (e.g. residential, non-profit and business parking spots) to rent their underutilized parking spots to drivers on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. For parking spots secured behind gates/garage doors, ParqEx’s Access+ technology lets owners grant controlled access to their secured parking spots through the convenience of the ParqEx app. Learn more at


SpotOn is a peer to peer parking sharing company that takes advantage of underutilized space in San Francisco to solve the parking crisis.

SpotOn utilizes realtime mobile technology to help business or homeowners generate revenue from their available parking in a secure, hassle-free way and with no impact on their day to day operations.

SpotOn enables parkers to find parking without circling the block, and without scrambling for quarters in space they never thought they could. Parkers can pay by the hour or pay by the month for a secure home spot.


JustPark (formerly is taking parking into the digital era. Its app and website give drivers instant access to a network of 180,000 parking spaces across the country, taking the hassle out of parking and making it cheaper and easier than ever.


Parking Panda is a rapidly growing company with a vision for making parking painless and inexpensive. Their service allows customers to find and reserve guaranteed parking online in their city.


ParkingSpotter has thousands of parking spots throughout the United States including Private parking, public garages, and event parking lots. Renting a privately owned parking space is a great option for your next trip. Private parking has the advantage of easy access, less traffic, and peace of mind.

ParkingCupid connects drivers with real people who have unused garages, driveways and apartment car spaces for rent where you want to park.